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Before purchasing a DSTV decoder, customers must be aware of different decoders, their functions and the client’s need. 

DSD1110 decoder is for entry level installations 
Two DSD1110 decoders can be linked together to function as a dual view decoder. This method of installation is called Extra View by Multichoice and is meant for more than one viewer at a time with an additional subscription.


The HD PVR decoder has a HDMI output for high definition televisions and can be connected to another HD PVR decoder or a DSD1110 decoder in the extra view format. It also has a hard drive for recording purposes.


When we lay our cables, power Chords are laid 200mm away from RF cable to avoid magnetic induction, Magnetic fields can causes interference on TV picture.



Why is our installation unique from all others:

  1. Our installations are technically correct and obey the laws of physics and science.
  2. We spend a lot of time laying our wires away from power cords.
  3. Our cables are laid in the roof in such a way that no one can stand on it, preventing it from getting kinks that causes reflection signal in the cable which lead to poor reception over a period of time.
  4. We use genuine copper cable and not copper clad which disintegrate with DC over a period of time (+ - 14 months)
  5. We refuse to install parts that have caused us trouble in the past. We give a 1 year guarantee on installation and cant afford comebacks due to sub-standard parts


























































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